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Interpretive Exhibits

The following are exhibits that we have created in recent years. In each case, we have researched the topic, planned the exhibit with input from the client, gathered the images, and fabricated the exhibit.


Ellerslie Shellfish Museum Exhibit

The exhibit was built in such a way as to allow for elements on panels to be changed if needed. This use of small format media also gives the exhibit considerable depth even though the museum does not have a wealth of artefacts.


A Close up view of the "What is a Shellfish Panel" of Ellerslie Exhibit.

Farmers' Bank of Rustico Exhibit

Researched and developed by Barry King. Panels createde by Peter Ratelle and associates.




Stanley Bridge Aquarium Exhibit

A view of one of the panels for the Stanley Bridge Aquarium Exhibit.

  A view of the Walrus and seal panels created at Stanley Bridge    
  A view of some panels and the tanks of the Stanley Bridge Exhibit. Below you can see a closeup of the units created for the tanks. Descriptive panels can be slid in and changed to interpret the organisms in each tank.